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We introduce the Shinto shrine of the MAITA-CHO neighborhood and a temple.
OSANNOMIYA Hie-jinja Shrine@Ő{ }_

Hie-jinja Shrine was called by three names, but it is got close to "OSANNOMIYA" widely now and I worship it and am praised in old days. A festival to be held is the grand festival that Yokohama first-rate large miniature shrine parades around ISEZAKI-CHO every year. OSANNOMIYA is a Shinto shrine got close to to many people of Yokohama as "a guardian deity of the Yokohama reclamation". Many people always visit OSANNOMIYA with many worshipers for a New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine in particular for New Year holidays.


Sugiyama Shrine@R_

Sugiyama Shinto shrine is a historical Shinto shrine called enshrining 800 years.
Sugiyama Shrine is built along the hemp clothes river, great Okagawa, the Tama River around Tsurumi riverside as the center of the faith of inhabitants, and there is 44 Sugiyama Shrine now.

Sugiyama Shrine kindergarten is added to Sugiyama Shrine of MAITA, and the figure that children play well in the garden in front of the Shinto shrine is seen.
Many people always visit Sugiyama Shrine with many worshipers for a New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine in particular for New Year holidays.



OOYAMA NEZUNOMIKOTO SHINJI KYOUKAI is the religious corporation which many believers visit. There are the headquarters and many halls, facilities in the town of Maita.
According to the search of the Internet "is the church which Mr. OOYAMA NEZUNOMIKOTO which is actual God established for the purpose of relief of the human".
The existence of God refers to the teaching of the heart in the life and is the church which leads a human being to the true happiness. It is described with ".



It is a venerable temple built in 1593, but seems to usually shut the gate after having closed the kindergarten which I added.
The principal idol is a principal idol Amitabha image.
The gate is opened, and the main hall of a Buddhist temple is released like a photograph for New Year holidays.
On a photography day, an Amitabha image was seen in the depths of the main hall of a Buddhist temple built by splendid Japanese architecture.
Small guardian deity of children which sat on a big guardian deity of children state and baby is enshrined at the entrance. Big guardian deity of children came to seem to lose a face. The reason is unclear even if I search it on the Internet.




There is child Shrine in the residential area of several minutes from inn Matsushima. I had a stone stairway and am a Shinto shrine nestling among trees calmly. There is the tree of big ginkgo in the precincts, and one side seems to become golden wonderfully in autumn.



We are going to photograph this Shinto shrine later.



When SHOUKOKUJI put up after an important person, shop caution money of Mr. KIRA during a history in Japan stands in front of the main gate of a Buddhist temple, it is enshrined in the front big guardian deity of children.
There is the excellent main hall of a Buddhist temple in the precincts, and the big ridge-end tile of the temple is put in the garden.
The person who looked is really surprised whether "there is such a big tile on the roof".



@ Horinouchi Inari Shrine

We are going to photograph this Shinto shrine later.


@ The Gumyoji Kannon

The Gumyoji Kannon is a temple of the Shingon Buddhism. The Gumyoji Kannon is a temple of the Shingon Buddhism. It is said that it was established for 721 years approximately 1,200 rest of life ago by an Indian famous Buddhist priest.
The wooden Kannon with eleven faces image of the principal idol is an important cultural property of the countries. The Gumyoji Kannon is a famous temple with many wooden building, Kannon image, ENNMA image, highlight including the NIOU image.

We are going to photograph this Shinto shrine later.


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